1. Date and Time you used valet parking at Burbank Bob Hope Airport.


2. How would you rate the ease of locating the valet parking?
3. At drop-off, how long did you wait for the parking attendant to arrive?
4. Did the valet attendant offer to assist with your luggage?
5. Did you utilize the car wash option?
6. If you answered yes to question #5, were you satisfied with you vehicle’s appearance?
7. Do you participate in The Valet Parking Loyalty Program?
8. If you answered No to question #7, would you like more information about participating?
9. What option did you use to initiate your car retrieval?
10. At pick-up, how long did you wait for your vehicle to arrive?
11. How would you rate the valet attendants overall?
Customer Service
12. How would you rate your overall valet parking experience at Burbank Bob Hope Airport?
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