1. Date and time of day you rode the shuttle bus. Date:

2. Do you recall the bus driver’s name or bus number? Driver's Name:  Bus #:
3. Upon your arrival at Cleveland/Hopkins International Airport, were you able to quickly locate the Rental Car Shuttle Bus?
4. How long did you wait for the shuttle bus?
5. How would you rate your bus driver? Appearance:   Courtesy:
Communication:   Driving:
6. Was the shuttle bus neat and clean?
7. Were you renting or returning a vehicle?
8. Is this the first time you have rented a car at the airport?
9. From what company did you rent your vehicle?
10. Was the Rental Car Center clean and orderly?
11. When returning your car, how would you rate the ease of locating the Rental Car Center return area?
12. Compared with other airports, how would you rate the ease of renting a car at Cleveland/Hopkins International Airport?
13. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) how would you rate your overall rental car experience at Cleveland/Hopkins International Airport?
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